About the Miracle Berry

Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry powder turns foods and beverages that are sour, bitter, or acidic into foods and beverages that are incredibly sweet.

And we’d like to show you how to take advantage of that for improved health.

We’ll show you how to turn sugarless coffee, tea, fruit juice, and other beverages into freakishly sweet concoctions even the most sugar crazed sweet freak will enjoy.

Then we’ll teach you some recipes for snacks, candies, and every other kind of desert from cheesecake to ice cream to brownies.

And lastly we’ll laugh uh … I mean we’ll commiserate with you when you turn your favourite lasagne into some kind of hell-spawned tomato custard. Oh, it will happen, but you won’t be the first to turn dinner into an inedible desert. Hopefully we can teach you how to avoid doing that twice.

Sweet Freaks offers miracle berries organically grown in the US, then dehydrated and crushed into powder. It looks like this:


Just use the spoon provided in the pack to scoop out .3 grams of miracle berry powder. Place the powder on your tongue, wait thirty seconds, and then consume the bitter world at will.

Let us show you the way …
How Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry works
Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry for weight loss & glucose reduction
Tactics and Strategy
Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry for chemotherapy’s metallic aftertaste

For recipes and detailed information on the many uses of miracle berry, please look at our books: SWEET FREAKS available at Amazon.

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