How Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry works

Miracle berries contain a protein called miraculin which binds to your taste buds and then reacts against acidic pH levels to trick your brain into thinking it tastes something sweet instead of sour.

The more sour the substance, the sweeter it will seem; yet miraculin has little to no effect on neutral or alkaline foods.

Acidic pH levels allow Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry to turn lemons into Lemons Drops and sour cream into cake frosting, but it will leave oatmeal and corn chips unchanged. To satisfy our freakish need for sweets, we’ll be relying heavily on ingredients found between the 2 and 4 pH range.



Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry for weight loss & glucose reduction
Tactics and Strategy
Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry for chemotherapy’s metallic aftertaste

For recipes and detailed information on the many uses of miracle berry, please look at our books: SWEET FREAKS available at Amazon.

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