Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry for weight loss & glucose reduction

We’ll go into the details of the weight loss strategy more thoroughly in [book name], but if you’re really a sweet freak, you’ll probably be like us and consuming most of your calories through sugar. Remove the sugar and you remove the weight. So easily said for those who don’t exist on sugary drinks and bonbons. But, with the right recipes, miracle berries will allow all us sugar junkies to still feel like we’re consuming a liter of Coke, a pot of coffee, and a box of chocolates. And, unlike artificial sweeteners, neither your tastes nor your brain will know the difference.

Suddenly you get all the health benefits of bitter chocolate and coffee without the negative impact of sugar.

Here’s a Guardian headline: Sugar, not fat, exposed as deadly villain in obesity epidemic https://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/mar/20/sugar-deadly-obesity-epidemic

As for glucose reduction and control, who in their right mind would chug a liter of fruit juice? But with Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry, you’re free to toss restraint out the door and guzzle with impunity.

Which is good because sugarless fruit juices, teas, and coffee are the cornerstone of our calorie restriction diet, but then so is chocolate candy and cake.


As you might have noticed, we support the non-profit anti-aging foundation Perilous Midnight. Why? Well, top of our list is we don’t want to die. But if we have to die from aging, we want to go out as gracefully as possible. Glucose intolerance, and the damage it does to the body, is thought to be a major contributor to aging and disease. For a proper sweet freak, miracle berry’s role in reducing that damage is obvious, but it also makes fasting and calorie restriction a lot more palatable.

For a brief look at our weight loss strategy and basic glucose reduction, read Tactics and Strategy.

For our full strategy on weight loss, calorie restriction, and glucose control, please look at [book]. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the non-profit anti-aging foundation Perilous Midnight.

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How Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry works
Tactics and Strategy
Sweet Freaks Miracle Berry for chemotherapy’s metallic aftertaste

For recipes and detailed information on the many uses of miracle berry, please look at our books: SWEET FREAKS available at Amazon.

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