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One sweet freak to another, it’s all too easy to fail in this endeavour of reducing sugar. Sugar provides an energy high unlike anything else, and let’s confess, it’s an addictive part of our day.

The hard and terrible truth is withdrawals are uncomfortable and disorienting. But you need not suffer a bit of it if follow the pace your body prescribes.

Of all the advice you need to heed, this is it: unless you’re going to die otherwise, do NOT go full abstinence.

There is absolutely no reason, short of imminent death, that anyone should suffer as they remove sugar from their diet. I promise you, as your body adjusts to a lower sugar intake, it will demand you cut it further. But it should feel effortless.

If the reduction is taking effort, if it’s physically stressful, if your mind is lost to a fog, for the love of all that is holy, eat the sugar. Throw caution to the wind and drink a Coke, sweeten the coffee, and shove a cake in your mouth.

Now, did that resolve the discomfort? If it did, you were going way too fast for your body to adjust. This change need not be painful.

If you’ve been living on a diet of sugar for years, successfully changing your mental and physical needs is going to take months, maybe a year, or possibly more (in a long term strategy, there’s no need to be attached to a schedule). The thing to remember is the change will be easy if it’s enjoyable. Remove the joy and you remove the desire. After all, we’re sweet freaks because we enjoy pleasure.

And this should be pleasurable. Consider it an exploration of enjoyable alternatives.

Go slow and revel in the experience.


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In the meantime, for a bit of perspective, this is what my unhurried and easy change to a mostly sugarless diet looked like:

The first weeks:

I started my day with a sugar laden coffee, then switched to miracle berry and coffees.

Midday required another sugar rich drink and the afternoon was miracle berry and coffee or tea.

Throughout the day, I snacked on sweetened chocolates.
Dinner was dinner as usual.

Some weeks later:

I started my day with a sugar laden coffee, then switched to miracle berry and coffees.

By midday, I was able to stay with the miracle berry and sugarless drinks, but I still snacked on sweetened chocolates.

Dinner was dinner as usual.

Months later:

I started my day with a sweetened coffee, then switched to miracle berry and coffees.

At midday, I was still drinking coffee or tea with the miracle berries, but I had switched to sugarless snacks.

Dinner was as usual.

A year later:

Sometimes I drank a sweetened coffee at the start of the day, and sometimes I wanted the miracle berries and sugarless coffee more.

Midday was the same, but now I wanted sugarless chocolate as well.

Dinner was as boring as ever.

During all of this, if I needed a sugar rush to get through a rough spot, I consumed it without guilt. No guilt, my sweeties. There is no need for guilt. Guilt is not pleasurable and it provides no benefits.


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